Our Genetics

In 2007, Slator Ranch introduced full blood Japanese Akaushi (Red Wagyu) genetics into our English based cow herd of polled Hereford and Angus, Angus-cross cows.  We inseminated all of our cows with original Big Al semen and consistently bred back to first and subsequent generation Akaushi sons. These sons were from the original red Japanese (Akaushi) full blood bulls imported to the U.S. in 1994. Now all of our mother cows are 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 15/16, or 31/32 Akaushi certified by the American Akaushi Association.

After years of developing our percentage Akaushi cattle, we have Purebred (15/16th) DNA verified Akaushi cattle available for sale!  Our bull battery and gene pool consists of all the original eleven 1994 Japanese cows and bulls imported by Dr. Al and Marie Wood, i.e. Hikari, Shigemaru, Tamamaru, Big Al, and the outstanding son 518.  Dominating the maternal side are offspring primarily of Akiko and Dai Hachi 8 Marunami.

Why Akaushi?

The Japanese Association of Akaushi was created over 70 years ago to perfect and record the pedigrees, carcass performance, genetic traits of uniformity, consistency, and high reproductive performance on every animal in the breed.  So predictable are the genetics of Akaushi cattle, that they were declared the “National Treasure of Japan” and exportation of live animals has been prohibited.

Incredible Marbling throughout

F-1 (50% Akaushi-50% English) carcass grade Prime, Yield Grade 2 from our first steer crop, fed 190 days.

F-1 (50% Akaushi-50% English) carcass grade Prime, Yield Grade 2 from our first steer crop, fed 190 days.

USDA figures reveal only 5% of all cattle graded in the U.S. can be called prime.  In just our first cross with Akaushi bulls, Slator Ranch F-1 (50%) carcasses were improved from previous grades of over 50% high choice to an overall average of 50% prime.  The 75% (F-2) carcasses graded over 57% prime averaged over several hundred animals in three consecutive calf crops.  Our 7/8 steers graded a whopping 81% prime!  This can translate into more dollars on the rail as packers will pay a premium for prime carcasses.  It is well documented that the Japanese Akaushi have a higher percentage of the good mono-unsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid, which yield a more flavorful, healthy beef product craved by consumers.  This trait is evidenced in all offspring beginning with the first cross!

Our most recent 2018 carcass data of 292 head of Akaushi cattle graded 82.2% Prime.

Our 2017 carcass data graded on the Japanese scale proves Slator Ranch Akaushi to be equal to the fabled Black Wagyu crosses in marbling ability and more efficient. Eleven ¾ blood heifers fed 335 days graded as follows: 4 Ultra prime Plus, 4 Grade 5+, balance High Choice.

A truckload of 30 head of ¾ blood heifers fed 380 days, graded by Tyson, produced 80% prime, 1 CAB premium, balance High Choice.

Increased Fertility and Hybrid Vigor

Weaning weights of our F-1 and F-2 calves showed a dramatic increase over other cross bred calves we have produced.  Even with two years of drought conditions and minimal supplementation, our mature cow herd (carrying 3rd calf plus) carries a 98% pregnancy rate for 2014 and 2015.

Polled Akaushi Bull Semen For Sale

Introducing Slator Ranch 15D, the first all Red Heterozygous polled Akaushi bull born 1/10/2016. With a birth weight of 62 pounds, and balanced genetics from all 4 major Red 1994 sire lines, this bull will complement any Akaushi or Black Wagyu herd. Add marbling to your cattle and minimize the hassle of dehorning! 15D is naturally sired, ranch raised on grass, with sound structure and very gentle
disposition. Check out his video at 19 months age below and see for yourself! Semen available at $30 per straw.

Slator Ranch 15D Heterozygous Polled Akaushi Semen Straws for Sale

Slator Ranch 15D Heterozygous Polled Akaushi Pedigrees

Akaushi Bulls For Sale

Slator Ranch Akaushi offers range bred and raised purebred registered Akaushi bulls ready to go to work for you! Slator Ranch Akaushi bulls are accepted into the Agri Beef Wagyu program. See how Akaushi can dramatically improve your cow herd in one generation. Private treaty sales available.

Akaushi Heifers & Steers For Sale

Slator Ranch offers percentage Akaushi heifers, Akaushi replacement females, and Akaushi steers for sale at certain times of the year. Private treaty sales available. Occasional public auction sales at San Saba, Texas.


Association Memberships

Slator Ranch is a member of the American Akaushi Association, American Wagyu Association, Texas Wagyu Association, Texas and Southwestern Cattleraisers, Texas Farm Bureau, and the Texas Wildlife Association.